Shop Expansion

Staley Steel announces expansion of existing production plant by 50%

The last few years have been interesting for the steel industry. Just one year ago, the 12 to 18-month outlook for the US steel sector transitioned to “positive” from “stable”. Improved demand from 2017 continued into 2018 and remains strong in 2019. Staley Steel has thrived amidst these changes, even going beyond the forecasted sales projections set in 2017. While maintaining existing business relations, Staley’s acquisition of new clients has fostered the need for more space to facilitate the growth in our production needs.

CEO Bryan Kindopp states, “This is a new era for Staley Steel. After recently upgrading our current facility, the increased production warranted expansion of our plant. We anticipate the addition will enable Staley Steel to meet more customer demands by allowing us to exponentially increase overall production while maintaining our dedication to quality.”

The expansion will consist of 32,000 square feet of additional production space and new equipment, including a 3,500 square foot employee break room. Commencement of work in January 2019, with completion projected to be late summer of 2019.

Watch for new photos as the expansion progresses!